The Canadian Short Track Championships will be held in Quebec City on October 14-16, 2022. This Championship event is for the top 40 skaters per gender across Canada, including the National and NextGen Teams. Information about this meet can be found in the SSC Short Track Master Bulletin.

Age-eligible Ontario skaters who qualify for this event will be considered for Canada Winter Games Short Track Team Ontario via Priority 1A. Information about CWG selection can be found in the Speed Skating Ontario Short Track Selection Bulletin.

A list of pre-qualified skaters for this event is available on the SSC Website HERE, under "Additional Information."

Ontario skaters seeking entry into the Canadian Short Track Championships by time must send the following information to by 12:00 noon on Sunday October 2, 2022.




Age before July 1, 2022

Gender category for racing


Accurate fastest 500m and 1500m times (111m track) skated since January 1, 2022 including the date and location skated

Skaters competing on the October 1-2 weekend must send any updated PBs to Speed Skating Ontario promptly (by 8:00pm on October 2 at the latest) so that SSO can meet SSC's entry deadline for this event.

Ontario skaters based at a training centre or training out of province must also submit their name and information to SSO, as registration for Short Track National Events is completed by each Provincial/Territorial branch.

Photo Credit: Antoine Saito

Today is Rowan's Law Day in Ontario.

Today we remember Rowan Stringer, a 17-year-old athlete who died from second impact syndrome due to multiple concussions while playing high school rugby, and we commit to creating a safer sport and recreation culture.

The Speed Skating Ontario Concussion Policy and Code of Conduct is available on the SSO Concussions Page.

Coaches, Officials, athletes and parents are all responsible to know the signs and symptoms of concussion and how to manage a suspected concussion from the outset. This information is available in the Ministry Approved Concussion Awareness Resources.

Take a moment to review these resources today so that you can help create a safer sport environment.

When in doubt, sit it out.

Speed Skating Ontario is looking for a Competition and Events Manager. Details about the position are available in the document below. Consider becoming part of our team.

Speed Skating Ontario _ Comp_Events Manager 2022
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