On June 18, 2019,  the regulation under Rowan’s Law was filed and certain sections of both the law and the regulation came into effect on July 1, 2019.

What this means for our clubs, volunteers and skaters:

1.  Any participant who registers with an Ontario Speed Skating Club needs to complete the following two items:

- Confirm they have read a Ministry Approved Concussion Awareness Resource for their age group and

- Confirm they have reviewed, and committed to, the Ontario Speed Skating Concussion Code of Conduct.

Both of these requirements will need to be confirmed on a yearly basis.

2.  Coaches, Instructors and Officials need to:

- Confirm they have read a Ministry Approved Concussion Awareness Resource and

- Confirm they have reviewed, and committed to, the Ontario Speed Skating         Coach/Officials Concussion Code of Conduct.

3.  Team Trainers, which are defined as an individual who is assigned by a sport organization to respond to athletic injuries, are also required to meet the same requirements as coaches. 


The law very clearly states that the Concussion Awareness Resource has to be a Ministry Approved item. At this point, the Ministry has only produced the e-booklets linked below. The Ministry has indicated they are not planning to approve any other resource, training or qualifications under this legislation. As more resources become available from the Ministry, or if their position changes, Ontario Speed Skating will communicate with all our member clubs



Below are the Ministry Approved Concussion  Resources for participants, coaches/trainers and officials.


Concussion Awareness Resources Ages 10 and under


Concussion Awareness Resources Ages 11 to 14


Concussion Awareness Resources Ages 15 and up





Ontario Speed Skating Clubs must ensure all members have reviewed the appropriate Concussion Awareness Resource and have signed the Concussion Code of Conduct.

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