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Short Track Starting Procedures

A huge thank you to Jason Bettez from the Ottawa Pacers for creating a video tool called “Go To the Start.”

This video is a great tool for new skaters and even those who may need reminder on how to start a race.

See the video below:













Racing on Skates

Speed skating has traditionally been taught by allowing skaters of all ages to race against each other.  A speed skater may take years to master the technique required to race efficiently but the instinct to race on skates seems to happen soon after an individual finds a pair of skates that fit.


For many years, Ontario’s youngest skaters were provided virtually the same opportunity to compete as the older, more mature athletes. More recently, Speed Skating Ontario has introduced developmentally appropriate competitions for speed skaters of all ages, guided by the principles of the Long Term Development in Sport and Physical Activity framework. 

Speed Skating Ontario works with clubs across Ontario to provide a competition schedule and format that meets the needs of its members. Our goal is to host a robust system of competitions that allows skaters to develop their racing skills for both enjoyment and the pursuit of High Performance racing pathways. 

Short Track Competitions are held on indoor ice pads - either Olympic or NHL sized ice.  The skaters race on either a 111 metre track or a 100 metre track.  The skaters compete closely in groups of 3 to 8 skaters and results are primarily based on the skater’s placement in each race. Times are also recorded and may also count for placement or advancement to the next round of racing. 

In Ontario, short track speed skaters either race in the Ontario Elite Circuit (13 - 29 years old) or the Ontario Provincial Circuit for all ages. 

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