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Coaches Certified through the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) who would like to maintain their certification must earn Professional Development (PD) points before their certification expiry date. To check the certification expiry date and track PD points, a coach can access their coach profile on The Locker which is managed by the Coaching Association of Canada.

Coaches should login to their coach profile using their NCCP number or email address. If a coach has forgotten their NCCP number, email for assistance retrieving the number.

Here is a summary of PD points required for a coach certified at each level over a 5-year period:

FUNdamentals Coach: 10 points

Introduction to Competition Coach: 20 points

Competition Development Coach: 30 points

A coach's highest level of Certification indicates the number of PD points they require. As coaches earn points towards their highest level of certification, the points will also be applied to any other certifications they hold in The Locker.

Note: FUNdamentals Leaders, while valuable members of the coaching team, are not considered certified coaches through the NCCP, and therefore do not need to obtain PD points, but are welcome to if they wish. Coaches who have not yet obtained their certification do not require PD points, but should consider collecting points if they would like to achieve and maintain certification.

Coaches can earn PD points a number of ways:

- 1 point per active year of coaching. To record your PD point in The Locker, go to the "Certification" tab and click "Self-Report" on the left side. Here there are options to self-record PD points.

- E-Learning modules - to find available modules in the Locker, click on "E-Learning" near the top right of the screen and see which courses are available. Some modules have fees and others are free of charge.

                  NEW - Special Olympics Canada has a new E-Learning module called Diversity and Inclusion in Action.                    Follow these steps to access the module.

- Attend our Annual OSSA Coaching Conference.

- Attend the Coaches Association of Ontario’s Coaches Summit Series, held annually. 

- Complete Multi-Sport NCCP training modules. The course calendar can be found HERE

- Watch for details about National Coaches Week, where many E-Learning courses are discounted or free! 

If you have questions about Coach Certification Maintenance, email

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