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2023-2024 Bulletins

2023-2024 SSO Short Track Technical Bulletin - updated October 30, 2023

2023-2024 SSO Long Track Technical Bulletin - updated December 19, 2023

Elite Championships 2024

Provincial Championship and Canadian Youth Short Track Championships Selection Technical Bulletin 2024

The SSC Short Track Master Bulletin can be found HERE.
The SSC Long Track High Performance Bulletins can be found

SSC Red Book

SSO Bye Application Guidelines

2022-2023 Bulletins

2023 Ontario Elite Championships Technical Bulletin - revised March 1, 2023

2023 Ontario Provincial Championships Technical Bulletin - revised March 9, 2023

2022-2023 Long Track Technical Bulletin

2022-2023 Short Track Technical Bulletin

2022-2023 Interclub Meet Guidelines

SSC Red Book 2022

Bye Guidelines 2022-2023

Ontario Winter Games 2023 Technical Bulletin - Revised January 2023

SSC Master High Performance Bulletin (ST)


2021-2022 Short Track Technical Bulletin V3.0 - December 2021

SSC Competition Guidelines

SSC Competition Guidelines for Officials

OWG Trials Technical Bulletin

Long Track Provincial Championships Technical Bulletin 2022

Canadian Youth Long Track Selection Bulletin 2022 - REVISED March 9, 2022

Canadian Youth Short Track Selection Bulletin and Year End Open Event Technical Bulletin

2019-2020 Short Track Technical Bulletin

2019-2020 Long Track Technical Bulletin

2019-2020 Bye Guidelines

2019-2020 Bye Application

2020 Ontario Winter Games Technical Bulletin

2020 Ontario Elite Championships Technical Bulletin

Speed Skating Canada Competitions Bulletin

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