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2019-2020 Officials Clinic Attendees and Upgrades

August 7, 2020

Congratulations to the following individuals who completed the Level 1 Officials’ Clinic: Introduction to Speed Skating this season:

Ainley McNamee, Alexander Brodeur, Angela Bladon, Christian Bourget, Christine McMaster, Claudia Huelgas, Darren Massel, Dave Codack, Elaine Friedrich, Franklin Guillaume, Heather Lee, Ingrid Sully, James Sutton, Janet Howse, Jason Bettez, Jeremy Andrews, Karla Gimby, Kelly George, Linda Cook, Lynda Gernon, Marc Hanvelt, Michael Karakolis, Mike Price, Nicole Vrazinovski, Spencer Bladon, Stacie Ogg, Stephan Lee and Tiger Song. Congratulations to the following individuals who completed the Level 2 Officials’ Clinic in 2020: Annick Menard, Colleen Murphy, Kaiyu Feng, Marc Besner, Mary-Evelyn Lather, Melissa Pool and Trisha Belleghem.

OSSA would also like to congratulate the following individuals who have been approved for upgrades by the OSSA Officials Development Committee: Lauren Adourian - Level 1 Announcer Karla Gimby - Level 1 Judge Trish Belegham - Level 2 Judge Annick Menard - Level 2 Judge Rebecca Champagne - Level 2 Meet Coordinator Karen Adourian - Level 2 Meet Coordinator Eric Lecompte - Level 2 Referee James Simpson - Level 2 Referee Melissa Pool - Level 1 Timer Marc Besner - Level 2 Timer Mary-Evelyn Lather - Level 2 Timer Christopher Langridge - Level 2 Track Steward Jason Bettez - Level 1 Starter

As a sport that is primarily run by volunteers, we are always looking for more members to join our dedicated team of speed skating officials. Thank you to these outstanding members for their dedication to officiating in speed skating!


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