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OSSA Skaters Shine at Canadian Short Track Championships

Congratulations to our OSSA skaters who raced at Short Track Canadian Championships in Montreal over the past week. Renee Steenge (Brampton) and Ethan McKinley-Young (Ottawa) qualified through the pursuit rounds on August 19th to join Alphonse Ouimette (St Lawrence) in the main competition of top 20 in Canada.

The skaters raced 3x each distance (500m, 1000m, 1500m) over 5 days of competition! All 3 of our OSSA skaters qualified for A finals in this National Championship! Their impressive final results and top achievements include:

Renee: 8th overall with best result 4th in the 1500m #1

Alphonse: 7th overall with best results 3rd in the 1000m #2 and #3

Ethan: 14th overall with best results 7th in each the 500m, 1000m and 1500m

Thank you for representing OSSA on the National stage at Short Track Championships! We enjoyed watching you race and cheering you on from home in the first Canadian short track competition in over a year. Congratulations Renee, Alphonse and Ethan!


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