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Registration for OSSA Phase 3 Meet #1 - Toronto - February 6, 2022

We are optimistic that the Toronto Phase 3 Meet scheduled for February 6, 2022 in Toronto may be able to proceed. Registration will open on Sunday January 23. Entries are being accepted through Clubs only. Individual skaters must contact their Club Meet Registrar to register for this meet.

Please note that this meet is subject to change or cancellation depending on COVID-19 restrictions. The event may be run as two half-day cohorts based on registrations. A final schedule will be released during the first week of February.

See the Meet Announcement for all available meet details. Information about Phase 3 meets can be found in the OSSA Technical Bulletin starting on page 13.

Eligibility for Phase 3 Meets includes skaters with an OSSA competitive membership who are aged 11+ as of July 1, 2021 and who have raced in at least 1 Interclub (Phase 2) Meet in the 2021- 2022 season.


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