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Speed Skating Ontario is Named as an OHPSI Sport through CSIO

Speed Skating Ontario has been accepted into the Ontario High Performance Sport Initiative (OHPSI) program through Canadian Sport Institute Ontario (CSIO).

“OHPSI was designed in 2010 to support a comprehensive provincial high performance sport system that allows for sustained success of athletes and coaches at the very highest levels of international sport. The overarching objective of OHPSI is to identify and support Ontario athletes who are best capable of achieving future international success on senior national teams in targeted winter and summer Olympic/Paralympic and Pan/Para Pan Am Games sports." (CSIO, 2023)

“In 2022, Speed Skating Ontario successfully applied to Canadian Sport Institute Ontario’s (CSIO) Project Sport Initiative (PSI), with the overarching objective of increasing the sport’s readiness to apply for CSIO’s Ontario High Performance Sport Initiative (OHPSI) Program in future intakes. Speed Skating Ontario worked to engage and collaborate with CSIO to progress and refine their high-performance programming in Ontario, making great strides along the way. Speed Skating Ontario was recently selected as one of twenty (20) successful sports included within the OHPSI program for the 2023-26 period, after a very comprehensive and competitive application process, a testament to the hard work and growth of the organization. CSIO is proud to continue the partnership and to provide best-in-class sport science, sport medicine, and pathway support to Speed Skating Ontario, and their athletes and coaches, in their pursuit of excellence, elevating people, programs, and performances.”

- CSIO Director of Performance Pathways, James Brough

The funding available to Speed Skating Ontario will continue to support our High Performance initiatives, focusing on athlete and coach development. Primary initiatives include: biannual athlete testing, exercise physiology review and programming guidance, nutrition education and mental performance consultation for rostered athletes. In addition to these key Integrated Support Team (IST) services, we will also be able to support some of our High Performance training camps with funds from the OHPSI program.

Congratulations to Speed Skating Ontario for achieving entry into the OHPSI program! This is an acknowledgment of the hard work put into developing a comprehensive, high performance pathway for Ontario athletes and coaches. Speed Skating Canada is excited to be aligned with Speed Skating Ontario in this endeavour and look forward to an ongoing collaboration.”

- Manager, SSC Sport Pathway, Jon Cavar

Service delivery starts at the end of August and continues through to March 31, 2025.

We are looking forward to joining the OHPSI program and delivering CSIO's mission of elevating people and performances.

Previous and current OHPSI sports can be found on CSIO's website HERE. More information about the OHPSI program and its funding from the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport can be found HERE.


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