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Submission of Interest for Canadian Short Track Invitational

The Canadian Short Track Invitational is coming up in Montreal on December 8-10, 2023. This event is for the top 60 invited skaters in Canada aged 14+. Information about this event can be found on the SSC website HERE.

Ontario skaters seeking entry into this event by time must complete the Speed Skating Ontario Time Entry Form for National Meets by 12:00 noon on Sunday November 19, 2023 so that SSO can review all information and meet SSC's entry deadline. 

Ontario skaters based at a training centre or training out of province must also submit their name and information to SSO, as submissions to SSC are managed by the provincial/territorial branches.

Skaters must submit: 




Age before July 1, 2023

Gender category for racing


Accurate current fastest seed times skated since January 1, 2023 in gender specific OR mixed gender racing.


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