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Team Ontario for Canadian Youth Long Track Championships

Congratulations to the 12 OSSA skaters representing Ontario for the 2022 Canadian Youth Long Track Championships in Quebec City this week!

The qualified skaters from Ontario are:

Girls 12 - Charlotte Babin (Ottawa), Abby Karcher (Ottawa), Charlotte Rockburne (Ottawa)

Girls 13 - Renata Kenzie (Gloucester), Sylvie Heung (Milton)

Boys 12 - Olivier Tremblay (Sudbury)

Boys 13 - James Cousineau (Ottawa)

Boys 14 - Denis Berthelot (Ottawa), Camden Bettez (Ottawa), Ian Milne (Ottawa)

Boys 15 - Alex Wood (Cambridge), Peter Gemmell (Ottawa)

Thank you to our dedicated support team!

Coach: Mike Rivet

Manager: Christiane Tremblay

Photo Credit: Philippe Berthelot


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