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Time Submissions for Canadian Junior and Neo-Junior Short Track Championships - Due October 22

The following Short Track Championships events are coming up in Calgary:

Canadian Junior Short Track Championships for skaters aged 15-18 on November 9-12 and Canadian Neo-Junior Short Track Championships for skaters aged 14-15 on November 10-12.

Information about these Championship events can be found in the SSC Short Track Master Bulletin.

Ontario skaters seeking entry into these events must complete the Speed Skating Ontario Time Entry Form for National Meets by 8:00pm on Sunday October 22, 2023 so that SSO can review all information and meet SSC's entry deadline for these events. Ontario skaters based at a training centre or training out of province must also submit their name and information to SSO, as submissions to SSC are managed by the provincial/territorial branches.

Skaters should have all info ready to submit to SSO, including accurate:




Age before July 1, 2023

Gender category for racing


Accurate current fastest seed times skated within the window specified by SSC* in gender-specific OR mixed gender racing categories. Please include the date and location where the times were skated.

*Note: the window is different for Jr Champs than it is for Neo-Jr Champs, as specified in the SSC Master Bulletin and on the SSO Google form.

Junior Championships: times achieved between January 1, 2023 and October 22, 2023

Neo-Junior Championships: times achieved between August 1, 2022 and October 22, 2023. Skaters racing this weekend should have their information ready and if a PB is skated on the weekend, they should submit their PB on Sunday night by 8pm in the SSO Google form.

Because 15 year old skaters are eligible for both events, they should consider submitting interest for both events, using the correct entry window for time submissions. We have to submit them to SSC on separate spreadsheets with the accurate time window in mind.


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